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UAPx, a Leader in UAP Research, Unveils the 1st Public Draft of its 1st Scientific Paper

Observational equipment set on a rooftop terrace against a serene ocean view off Catalina Island, capturing data for the UAPx and University at Albany's UAP research.

UAPx Scientific Study in Progress: Equipment Overlooking the Catalina Island Seascape from a Rooftop Terrace

More important than our remaining ambiguities is our introduction of greater quantitative rigor into UAP research methodology, building humbly on the work of past and present UAP researchers...”
— Assoc. Prof. Matthew Szydagis

ALBANY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 8, 2023 / -- UAPx, an organization at the forefront of scientific exploration into Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP), in collaboration with physicists from the Research-1 institution The University at Albany SUNY, is thrilled to announce its first pre-print Paper Draft based on its 2021 study. Their research in Laguna Beach, California, and the Catalina Island area represents an important stride towards establishing new scientifically rigorous practices in the UAP field.

The choice of Laguna Beach and Catalina Island as the study sites was strategic, given the history of unexplained UAP sightings in the area. Near the site of the 2004 Nimitz carrier strike group encounters, these locations provided a logical, natural laboratory for the team's first investigation. The researchers used an array of observational equipment, including infrared and visible-light cameras and ionizing radiation detectors, to capture then analyze data.

The scientists from this expedition have suggested new, rigorous definitions for categorizing ambiguity versus real anomaly and opened doors to potential new computational tools for future UAP analyses. The implications of their recommendations should affect all other serious UAP researchers and organizations.

The expedition was led and the data analyzed by an interdisciplinary team of experts, including physicists Dr. Matthew Szydagis, Dr. Kevin Knuth, and Dr. Cecilia Levy, along with UAPx’s Gary Voorhis and Ben Kugielsky, and Jeremy McGowan. Their diverse backgrounds in physics, engineering, and military expertise provided a great foundation for the success of this first field expedition.

UAlbany Assoc. Prof. Matthew Szydagis, lead author of the paper, states, “More important than our remaining ambiguities is our introduction of greater quantitative rigor into UAP research methodology, building humbly on the work of past and present UAP researchers who paved the way. To paraphrase Newton, if we’ve seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Prof. Kevin Knuth, head of science on UAPx, remarks, “Our approach to understanding UAP blends physical technology with rigorous scientific inquiry. Not only do the data we’ve compiled contribute to the field of UAP studies but also our analysis techniques, although we note our paper still requires peer review after submission to a journal.”

Prof. Cecilia Levy, an instrumental figure in the study, states: “This paper and all future papers, not just by UAPx but by anybody in this field, need to go through the highest level of scientific scrutiny. Only by studying UAPs utilizing the highest scientific standards can we hope to shed some clear light on the subject. This paper is a first step toward this goal.”

Impact on the Scientific Community:
This research initiative by UAPx stands as a beacon, inviting the broader scientific community to rethink UAP and engage with a study of them. By combining multi-channel sensor data with a multidisciplinary approach, the team has set a new standard for future research in the UAP field.

Looking Ahead:
UAPx is committed to furthering our understanding of UAPs. Plans are underway to enhance sensor technology, refine data analysis methods, conduct additional expeditions, and submit this and future papers for external peer review at leading journals, as much as the existing stigma will permit. This ongoing endeavor aims to demystify UAP and foster an open scientific environment where exploring the unknown is not just a possibility but a priority.

To Read the Paper Draft (pre-print):

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